Hop onboard a boat from FriendShips and explore Copenhagen from the water. You are the captain and have the freedom to decide where to go and at what pace. We only require that the operator of the boat is at least 18 years old and is not intoxicated.

The prices are per boat, and each boat fits up to 8 people, no matter age and size.

Book your boat here, or contact us directly if you wish to book more than three boats.

Please note that 1 rental hour equals 55 minutes of sailing.

1 hour

DKK 549

2 hours

DKK 899

3 hours

DKK 1,199

Every additional hour

DKK 400

Or what about a gift certificate?

Have you run out of gift ideas? Why not a gift card for a boat trip around Copenhagen in a boat from FriendShips. A gift the birthday boy or girl definitely does not want to return.

Please note:

The ‘captain’ will need to receive some instructions and fill in a rental agreement before we can send you out on your trip. Therefore, please make sure to arrive approx. 15 minutes before your reservation starts, so that you are not wasting time doing paperwork and instructions when you could have been on the water. Sailing around is just more fun!

In addition to that, please notice that we do no longer accept bachelor or bachelorette parties onboard.