Food and drink for your trip

You are of course always welcome to bring your own food and drink for your trip, but we can also make it even easier for you.
You can now order food on your trip, as we have partnered up with Cocks & Cows to offer you an even better day on the water.

If you are going out on one of our bigger boats, please scroll a bit further down for more information.

How it works on our 8-person boats:
When you come down and pick up your boat, we have a QR code, which you can use to easily order food for your trip and see when it is ready for you. After that you simply sail along to Gammel Strand, where Cocks & Cows is located. Here you stop the boat on the side of the canal where you can easily dock it. Then send a person or two from your crew up the stairs and into the restaurant to pick up your food, and continue your trip, now with delicious burgers in hand.

If you have any questions we will also assist you further and clear up any doubts at the dock, before you start your trip. You can also read more about Cocks & Cows here.

If you want to purchase other types of drinks or snacks, such as beers, soda or snacks, you can also buy that directly from the dock, before your trip starts. Click the buttons below to see Cocks & Cows’ and our menu.

FriendShips Tapas menu

For the bigger boats

If you are going out on one of our bigger boats, you can also order food and cocktails from Cocks & Cows for the entire crew.

The process is however a bit different from our 8-person boats. When you book our bigger boats, you simply need to also inform us what food and drinks you would like to have on your trip via email, also to Have a look at the menu and let us know what you would like.

Your captain will make sure to dock the boat at Gammel Strand, where we can pick up your food from Cocks & Cows, before we continue the trip, now even happier and supplied with delicious sliders.

Be aware, it is important that you inform us of your order of food and drink within the same required timeframe as for booking the boat. We need to have a small notice for the larger orders. That would be 5 days for the 25-person boat and 24 hours for the 12-person boats. The minimum order is 12 orders of food.

If you wish to have other types of drinks or snacks for your trip, such as beers, soda or chips, you can also purchase that directly from FriendShips. You can see what we offer below, and again please also let us know via email how much you would like.

FriendShips Tapas menu