With FriendShips, you are renting a user-friendly electric boat in a beautiful design, which does not require any certificate or previous experience to sail.
The boats can hold up to 8 people, with plenty of legroom.

As the boats are electric, you don’t need to deal with a noisy engine. Just sit back and relax in the soft cushions while the boat silently brings you through the canals of Copenhagen.

All of our boats are controlled with a steering wheel, which makes sailing easier for inexperienced captains. This also means the captain is comfortably facing people in the boat when sailing.
And in the centre of the boat, we have placed a large wooden table, making it the perfect settings for a picnic on the water.

It is without a doubt the best choice if you are looking for a unique “hygge” cruise, where you are the captain, and want to decide the route and the pace.