Boat rental at Christianshavn

We are open,

but with fewer boats.

This way, we can offer fresh air that is important for our health, without compromising safety in these days of the novel coronavirus.

Don’t forget to follow the official guidelines of the authorities, just like we do. By doing so, we can help protect each other.

For now, there will be no access to the boathouse, and everything will take place outside, where we can ensure a safe distance between everyone.

As always, we thoroughly clean the boats between every departure. These days, we will be even more diligent with cleaning to make sure that all surfaces, the boats, lifejackets, maps and pens are carefully cleaned with soapy water and disinfected.
And we will, of course, have hand disinfection for all guests.

We hope that you will receive this initiative well, and we are looking forward to welcoming you. ❤️

Experience Copenhagen in your own boat

Discover the cosy atmosphere in the canals of Copenhagen from the comfy seats of your own boat.

In a FriendShips boat, you have the freedom to decide where to go, as you are the captain. No license or previous experience is needed to sail our user-friendly electric boats.

Not only are the electric motor better for the environment, but it also means no noisy engine to overdo your funny jokes.

Comfort is a top priority, and all boats are equipped with a steering wheel, large wooden picnic table and soft cushions to give you the best “hygge” cruise in town.


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